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"We got our solar installation through a quote provided by Solar Quote India. The solar installer was very professional and the system has been working well. We were searching for solar over a year and solar quote helped us to get 3 quotes. After the installation of our solar panels, we were able to operate every equipment even in when power cuts are frequent. We are able to give back electricity to the grid as well. Thank you to Solar Quote for their help."

Tom Tillo. Satisfied Customer from  Tamilnadu.

This was the best decision ever! We weren''t to sure if solar was right for us because we really didn''tunderstand a lot of how it all worked but when we contacted soalr quote India they cleared our doubts and provided us with 3 quotes. One of the companies rep contacted us and explained  soalr in terms that we understood. I don''t think that we would have gone to solar if it is not for Solar Quote India. . Thank you Solar Quote!

Sage Samraj. Satisfied Customer from  Punjab.

We live in a remote place where electricity is not available. We were exploring solar for our renovated farm and house. We filled up the online quote on solar and got quote for solar for electricit need for our home and farm. We got quoted from solarquote for off grid solar with storage option. We are able to run evertyhting day or night. As solar quote work only with reputed intsallers we were able to save lot of money once we were spending on diesel generator. It is been 9 months now the solar panels  are working fine. Thank to solar quote India.

Ravi Gurukaru. Satisfied Customer from  Orisaa.

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